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The POWGNAR Blog of Awesomeness

The 2014 Powgnar Classic at Mt. Hood Skibowl Thu, 06/12/2014

The 2014 Powgnar Classic Discgolf Tournament at Mt. Hood Skibowl!

Only 60 spots available for this fun event. Register a foursome in the same division, and you will get to play on the same card AND SAVE $20!

Cash Prizes, Complimentary Custom Stamped D ... (More)


Powgnar Sponsors and Competes in the 2013 Great Northwest Beer Olympics Mon, 08/12/2013

The Great Northwest Beer Olympics presented by Wrong Crowd LLC, was hosted at Pekin Ferry nestled just north of Vancouver Washington off of the Lewis River. With 18 teams and over a dozen events competitors took to the field of play with coolers of brews and the wild ... (More)


Results for the 2013 Powgnar Classic at Skibowl!!! Mon, 07/22/2013

The results are in for the field of the 2013 Powgnar Classic! Let's cut to the chase!

~ Men's Open Division ~ Par 55

1. Travis Head 52 21 73 ~ Elite Eight
2. Jeremy Sines 52 24 76 ~ Elite Eight
3. Nate Salvon 54 23 77 ~ Elite Eight
4. ... (More)


The 2013 Powgnar Classic returns to Mt. Hood Skibowl! Tue, 05/21/2013

The 2013 Powgnar Classic Discgolf Tournament at Skibowl!

Sunday July 21, 2013 at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl in Government Camp, Oregon

Cash Prizes, Complimentary Custom Stamped Disc, CTP Prizes, Hosted Keg & Pizza, Chair Lift RIde, Raffles, Have some FUN!(More)


The 2012 2nd annual Powgnar Classic is a success! Sun, 07/15/2012

With a field of over fifty players including a intermediate, recreational, and women's divisions. The field took to the chairlifts with tee times and smiles, and played a long 18 holes down the front side of Mt Hood Skibowl! With a course stretching more than a mil ... (More)


Powgnar Classic at Skibowl - July 14th!!! Tue, 05/01/2012

Get ready to kick off the summer with a bang! The 2012 Powgnar Classic Discgolf Tournament is back at Skibowl!

Prizes, Complimentary Custom Stamped Disc, Food & Beer, Ride the Chair Lifts, Raffles, Have some FUN!

The tournament date for the Powgnar ... (More)


Shamrock Run 2012 is a Success!!! Sat, 03/24/2012

So after a long decade, I mean night, of drinking I found myself flying down to pdx for a pretty wild ride. Just crossing the bridge to get to the starting line was crazy but the crowd was roaring and ready for the action. I found a leprechaun in the crowd and deci ... (More)


Getting ready for the Shamrock Run! March 18th! Sun, 02/12/2012

Shamrock Run!!!!!! Join Team Powgnar on the quest to get wild!!!

The Team Registration DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 14th!!!! Don't miss out on the fun!!! We had a blast last year and we are coming back for more!!!! There are already a handful signed up, in the "stride ... (More)


V-Town Showdown 2011! Sat, 08/06/2011

August 6th marked the 3rd annual V-Town Showdown presented by Bad Monkey Bikes!


powgnar classic is a success!! Sat, 07/23/2011

It was a humid morning on the snow free slopes of Mt. Hood Skibowl, as the players gathered to sign in and get their swag! A full card of 60 disc golfers set off up the chairlift of Lower Bowl to do battle on the fun seasonal course personally deemed one of the top ... (More)


Discgolf at Skibowl! Doing work and having some fun! Sat, 06/04/2011

So Cam the "Gnar Chain Cheif" and Casebeer joined me on a quest to conquer the course at Mt. Hood Skibowl, in preparation for the upcoming tournament in July... Grabbing some shovels and our discs we headed up the mountain on the chairlift for our first look at the ... (More)


The Powgnar Classic Mon, 05/02/2011

When was the last time you rode a chair lift to play in a discgolf tournament??? Hmmmmmmmm, that's what I thought!!!

July 23rd marks the date of the first Powgnar Classic Discgolf Tournament hosted by Mt. Hood Skibowl! The beautiful 18 hole course stretches a ... (More)


King of the Mountain at Skibowl!!!!!!! Sat, 04/09/2011

A new King and Queen where crowned this weekend at Skibowl during the most "innovative race ever held at Mt. Hood". The all-encompassing race from Skibowl's Upper Bowl to the base area featured an upper bowl free ride, a speed section & slalom,and a jumps and jib ... (More)


BZBS Goes off with a bang!! Mon, 03/28/2011

The course was natural and straight outta the Bone Zone chapatapters of history, nothing too crazy...and everyone seemed to be having a pretty good time. From top to the bottom there were smiles around and with free food and drinks and swag bags provided to the race ... (More)


This Saturday at Mt. Hood Thu, 03/24/2011

Despite the fact that it seems like there have been like fifty BZ Challenges before, the SNW 1st Annual Bone Zone Banked Slalom is happening at Timberline...and it is on March 26th, 2011. Snowboardz only with a small invite only group of skiers, so if you shred two ... (More)


Shredding the Skibowl Ropetow!!! Fri, 03/04/2011

Have you been up to the Skeezebowl lately??? They have an awesome little rail park that is weekly switching up features located right in Lower Bowl close to the main lodge!!! I have been hitting it up for the past month now without disappointment!! Flat boxes, down ... (More)


Powgnar skates Sandy after a morning shred session on Mt. Hood Mon, 11/29/2010

After a morning of snowboarding at Timberline on Mt. Hood, a few kids from the Powgnar team decide to have some fun at the local skate park in Sandy, Oregon...


Mountain Shredding 2010 Fri, 11/12/2010

...so I made it up to the Mountain for my first shralpin' day of the new season. Riding up with Jake-e and Carnie-dog and changing all the lyrics of every song on the radio to resemble something dirty I came to the quick realization that I had left not only my phone ... (More)


V Town Showdown Rides Again! Sat, 08/21/2010

The third annual V Town Showndown set up shop early as the kids began to skate in anticipation of the event... Registration took in over 70 entrants and the kids were still coming up and signing in for the later events well into the afternoon! The celebrity judging ... (More)


Ripzu Skatepark Opens in Vancouver, Wa Sat, 08/07/2010

A new indoor park rolls into town located off of I-5 & 78th st. Two small indoor courses make up the park with a sweet mini-ramp in the corner... A couple of powgnar shredders came out and rode the park taking drops with the local kids all hopped up on monster w ... (More)


Here comes the Bad Monkey Open 2010! Mon, 05/10/2010

Check out www.badmonkeyopen.com for all the details and get ready for one of the best events of the summer, taking place at Leverich Disc Golf Park on June 26-27th!! Powgnar will be out putting ... (More)


powgnar goes to the olympics... Tue, 02/23/2010

...so about a year ago a buddy of mine austin said to me, "hey let's go to the olympics in BC 2010 bro" and i was like, "that would would be uber gnar man"... so we made reservations at a hostel in downtown Vancouver for a week right in the middle of the olympic acti ... (More)


up to summit for the "boxes for days" jam... Sat, 01/16/2010

On friday January 15th, a group of the powgnar hooligans decided it would be great fun to drive up to Summit at Snoqualmie for a little overnight party and shred, it definitely turned out to be an adventure... In attendance we had jake, anthony, baker, mikey, and mys ... (More)


christmas shred Fri, 12/25/2009

...so when the rest of the world goes over to grandma's for presents and christmas dinner, zigaloha goes snowboarding...


early season shredding, Mt.Hood... Sun, 12/20/2009

...went up to timberline for a santa jam... since i had a late night before and all the other gnar hawks were stuck in the mud, i finally got a hold of anthony who had just driven all night to get to portland from up north... he was still down for the shred and it tu ... (More)


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