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V Town Showdown

The third annual V Town Showdown set up shop early as the kids began to skate in anticipation of the event... Registration took in over 70 entrants and the kids were still coming up and signing in for the later events well into the afternoon! The celebrity judging panel of the powgnar crew was made up of Jake-E, Kris, and Zigaloha! They kept the crowd alive as the street skaters tore the course up...a new addition to the comp was BMX...

A mid day best trick contest gave some more goods away as the prize wheel started spinning for decks, t shirt's and gift certs!! The kids got warmed up in the bowl and it got a bit gnarly. Best part of the day was watching the shredtastical feats of Jamie Jacobson...never seen a shredder own the East Van park like that guy. He took 1st place for the second year in a row...